2013 IFAC Bio-Robotics Conference

The 2013 IFAC Bio-Robotics Conference was held at Hotel Agora Regency Sakai, Osaka Japan on last 27-29 March. IFAC Bio‐Robotics Conference brought together researchers and professionals interested in automation, robotics, information technology, and intelligent controls used in field production, greenhouse production and plant factory systems.

This conference was opened to researchers and engineers from all over the world. The intent of the organizers was that participants will exchange information about trends in fundamental robotic technologies including highly automated plant factories and highlight the use of robotic equipment for food, fiber, and fuel production on open-field farming, in environmentally controlled greenhouse facilities, postharvest processing plants, and space-based environments.

On behalf of Osaka Prefecture University, BM Nagano Co., Ltd was honoured to be one of the speaker presenting the collaboration research of precision optical horticulture LED lighting systems for plant factory.

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