Growing hydroponic vegetables using LED

In this example, we're using standard metal shelf rack, plastic tray, polyfoam, plastic container, aquarium pump and tube hose to make a simple multi-layer hydroponic system. The water (mixed with fertilizer/minerals) is circulated between the plastic trays and container to provide the nutrient to vegetables.

Since we grow it indoor without sunlight, the vegetables need sufficient light to grow and generate photosynthesis. The horticulture LED is mounted onto shelf rack (on top of trays) to provide uniform and adequate light to the vegetables.

It just took about 3 weeks to grow this lettuce, and you can serve it as salads or sandwiches. The lettuce is very fresh, juicy, clean and healthy.

Please click on below picture to see the actual growing stage of the lettuce in 3 weeks. To view the flash video, please visit Youtube link here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNReY9bdm0k

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